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Those who know me, know that in late 2020 I moved 1,000 miles away form the place I called home for 27 years. Knowing that my life was changing, the week before I moved, I was feeling a bit melancholy about it all. I decided to sit down and play piano like I usually do as an outlet (music is the best form of stress relief for me). Vaguely remembering the simple tune from Gymnopedie no. 1 by Erik Satie, I decided to hit record and started playing. None of this was planned; none of this was thought out. I had no idea what I was playing.

This unintended song is very similar to how I was feeling with the journey I was about to take. You’ll hear the hesitations in my playing, like the hesitation with the decision to move. There’s an occasional wrong note, as we can make a wrong step or take a wrong turn on the way. We as people are not nor will ever be perfect, so I decided to let these imperfections show in my music today. I don’t ever want to present myself as something I’m not. Of course we always should strive for excellence in all we do, however we have to remember sometimes that we are human and can let these flaws show.

Either way, these are just some thoughts. Hope you all like it, mistakes and all.

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